Peter Mosten

Peter Mosten must be the archetype of the stubborn, clever, friendly and energetic Jämtland native. These are the traits that are so often mentioned when describing a local of this province. However, there are no better ways to describe him. The story behind Sav™ is many years of ambition, disbelief and hard work and one simply cannot help but feel a great admiration. There are many people who believe in what they are doing but few that really refuse to quit when the going gets rough.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull believed that he could fly better than anyone else if he only practiced and dared. Roald Amundsen knew that he would reach the North- and Southpole despite the failures and warnings of many people before him. Peter Mosten believed in the recipe that he found and has after many years of struggling, resulting in a number of blasted bottles, managed to find a beverage that is anything but mediocre.

Peter Mosten is born in Jämtland but moved to Uppsala when he was young and that is where he grew up. He returned to Jämtland in 1984 and continued his studies at the Mid Sweden University College, where he studied among other things eco technology. He later by sheer coincidence happened to stumble upon an archive, created by chemical engineer Gunnar Jegrelius, an environmental visionary who was way ahead of his time. This is where he discovered an old recipe for “birch champagne”, and this is how it got started.

Peter's vision and thoughts

Peter has always been fascinated by thoughts of trying to develop systems where the distance between sunlight and use or function is short and natural. Such systems or products most often create the efficient, long-lasting and dynamic prerequisites for minimum health and environmental impact if they are used in the right way.

Sav™ is part of such a system. Sav™ is not just ‘slow food’, not just good for the climate and not just good at showing how it is possible to exploit forests and higher plants for something other than cellulose fibre products. Sav™ is an exclusive elixir which radiates not only simplicity but also wholeness and, not least, Scandinavian soul.

The soul of Sav™ is an important ingredient and it is this which combines with a fantastic background story to explain the original use of birch sap as a raw product. Since time immemorial, birch sap has been used in the arctic regions as an important dietary supplement during the late winter – spring period when there was a major shortage of vitamin-rich produce in these parts.

Peter's hope is that Sav™ will be used in combination with various refined, high-quality Swedish food products to spread the joy and inspiration found in all of the people connected in their many different ways with small-scale food processing in Sweden. There is much more to be done. Most of it has not yet been done. Or as Peter usually say to his children: “Never throw a wet blanket over your curiosity.”

Sparkling Production

Sav™ is an exclusive beverage that exudes simplicity and luxury.
The sap is harvested from birches growing on the mineral-rich land in the Lake Storsjön area in the region of Jämtland.

The Tree Landscape Benefits
When the inland ice drew back from Jämtland 9,000 years ago, the birch was the first tree to break from the ground and thrive again.
The region was reached by human and the birch was the first tree they noticed. The white, innocent colour of its bark led to the birch being dedicated to the goddess Frigga (or Venus to those who came from more southern parts), and thus symbolized purity and femininity. Children’s cradles were made of birch in order to mark a new beginning, a brand new slate. The elegant trees were tapped of sap, which the swedes drank to greet the spring.

Unique Climatic Conditions
Continental wine-makers must battle various pests and moldy fungi that threaten their harvests. Not so in Jämtland. The climate is one reason. Another is the stubbornness and resistance of the birch.
The principle is simple: when the frost disappears from the soil in the spring, the birch absorbs crystal-clear water from the ground. The tree turns the fluid into sap which can be harvested and processed.

The Wine Region Jämtland
It is now that the conscientious wine-maker’s troubles begin. Like his colleagues on the continent, he wrestles with the same, difficult questions. When is the perfect time for sap harvesting? How exactly should it be handled? How do you store it the best way? How do you maximize it's taste?

Content rich
It might be in bad taste to talk about the health benefits of drinking alcoholic drinks. Sav™ does, however, contain natural sugars, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, manganese, zinc and iron which are all helpful for various body parts and functions.
Since time immemorial, birch sap has been thought to relieve, or even cure both mild and harsh ailments. But much like its mythological legacy, nutritional physiology may not be the first thing you think of while our wine sparkles in your glass

SAV Story

For thirty years, Swedish chemical engineer and scientist Gunnar Jegrelius built an astounding archive. He collected research reports, theses, essays, manuscripts, newspaper articles, press items and books from 1700 to 1981, concerning some 200,000 chemical substances and their effect on humans and the environment. A total of 6 million documents divided among 800 metres of shelf space.

There was only one problem with this unique and extremely important resource for current and future environmental research; the ordering system he had created was quite complex. After Jegrelius' death in 1981, no-one could find their way through the material.

Recipe From 1785

The archive sunk into oblivion, and was later moved to Östersund, where environmental engineer Peter Mosten was given the duty of indexing the archive in order to facilitate research.
During his work, Mosten found a recipe torn from a Swedish book printed in 1785. Its title was: Birch Champ**** (strict EU regulations prevent us from writing the full title as the word may only be used to denote a sparkling beverage made from grapes in the French region with that very same name).

Curiosity took the upper hand and Peter decided to make sparkling birch wine from the recipe. The result was revolting. It would take a decade of experimentation and testing before Mosten even came close to anything worth selling by the bottle. At last, he finalized the exquisite drink, today called Sav™ Sparkling.

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